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Environmental Management

By constantly upgrading our machinery and supplies we ensure that we use the most energy efficient technology and this therefore helps to reduce our carbon emissions.

All Dry Cleaning Solvents are disposed of using Environment Agency approved disposal companies, this is because instead of emitting fumes, chemicals are cooled back into a liquid and disposed of safely off site at approved centres.

Fleet consist of Zero Emission Vehicles

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Energy Management

Aside from simply using the latest technology, we always ensure that all energy using devices are switched off when not in use, whilst a very simple and basic procedure it does indeed help to ensure minimal energy use.

Waste Management

Most of our commercial waste from packaging is reused or recycled, we have a hanger recycling scheme in place for many of our clients and actively encourage hotels to send hangers back with our drivers for use for uniforms, we also use biodegradable covers and have uniform cover reduction scheme where we can put bulk uniforms into single covers to reduce usage. We use Overall very little of our waste is sent to land fill.

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